Sunday, October 21, 2007

Our State Fair is a Great State Fair

Yesterday we went to the NC State Fair. We all had lots of fun and actually managed to get our first picture of us all together as a family.
Of course NASCAR had to be involved in it somehow! Actually, it was more of the National Guard being involved. Anyway, as you can tell, Joey was asleep for a vast majority of our time there. All the excitement from seeing real live cows, ducks, and geese just wore him out! But we got some wonderful pictures so he can relive all the fun later.This is Joey and me at the lighthouse. Its near the old Grist Mill where you can get free hushpuppies! Joey was hoping for his first hushpuppy, but we didn't think he was quite old enough.We also were able to see Smokey the Bear. He would tell you hello when you walked up and wave at you if you waved back. He had a remarkably Southern accent for a forest ranger!
We knew Joey would want a picture beside Cookie Monster, since they have similar eating habits. The sun was a little too bright for Joey . . it's hard to nap with the sun shining in your eyes!We saw Clifford next . . . .Then a picture with the Cookie Monster AND Elmo.Next we went to the National Guard booth. We got this picture with the tank (incidentally the only picture we have from the fair with Joey awake) and the lovely family picture above. Next year Joey wants to do some pull-ups!We went to see the animals next and then Brian and I ate lots of fair food (hint to anyone with a fair headed their way . . . try the fried Reese's peanut butter cups). Lastly we went to see the botanical gardens. We were all VERY tired at this point (I was beginning to wish Brian could carry me around like this) so we decided to head back to the car.We were all very happy when we made it to the car and could drive home. But we had a wonderful time at the fair and hope we'll be able to make it next year from Charlotte.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Weekend at the Farm

We spent last weekend with my parents down in Mt. Olive. While Joey didn't get to see the pigs or chickens yet (he's still a little too young for all that), we did go to the Fall Festival at my mom's elementary school. He also got to see his Great Meana again, and meet his Great G-Daddy for the first time!

Joey with his Great Meana

Joey and Great G-Daddy

Watching NASCAR with Daddy . . . . Go Junior!!

Feeding Time!!

Talkin' with G-Daddy
All that being cute sure tuckers a fellow out!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Tummy Time

Joey despises tummy time . . . . he's upset that he can't crawl yet. Usually it consists of him crying as he kicks his legs and then cries harder. BUT, as we were doing tummy time the other day, he actually looked pretty cute. And came really close to rolling over. I forget which way is supposed to come first (tummy to back or back to tummy) but I don't think he'll ever want to do back to tummy!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Air Joey!

Some of our friends with a baby about 3 months older than Joey gave us some Air Jordan Nike shoes. He's not a big fan of shoes just yet, but they do make him want to be like Mike! (I think he'll have to learn how to stand first, though). Smiling about all the 3-pointers he'll hit just as soon as he can pick up a basketball!

Notice his excellent head and back control . . . sure to be helpful when shooting free throws!

Here he flies in to dunk the ball
And its good!!! Air Joey wins the game!! You can probably see from the picture where we would want him to play (not UNC like Mike).

Grandma and Grandpa

Brian's parents came down to visit this past weekend to see how much their grandson had grown. He LOVED his grandparents and his new toy Ghostio.
Joey and his Grandma

(Grandpa was the photographer, which is why he's not in the pictures)

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Big Bad Joey

We recently took Joey to his 2-month check-up. We knew he had grown alot, but were still pretty shocked at his size. He is 25 inches long and 15 lbs, 5 ounces. He also got his first set of shots that day, so he didn't feel too well after that. Thankfully that's all over for another 2 months!