Saturday, August 15, 2009

Birthday Boy

Joey had his 2nd birthday on July 25th. Where did the time go? We celebrated in grand style starting out with chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast, followed by a trip to the park. After his nap, we had his birthday party. Joey, being a typical 2 year old, refused to try any birthday cake. But he had fun opening his presents and playing with his grandparents and friends.

Blowing out the candle on his birthday cake. He did actually blow some, but not quite enough to get it out.
Opening presents. He was very excited about a new ball!
Playing with bows. Who needs presents when there are bows?
Joey and his friend, Jill, excited about another present.

By this point, Joey was in present overload. Jill was much more excited about them then he was.

"Sharing" the bubble lawnmower.
One random Kate picture, just because she's so cute (and so everyone can see how big she's gotten)