Saturday, September 19, 2009

Park Time

Joey is getting so big now! These past few months, he's learned to really appreciate the park and playground equipment (besides just the swing). We went to a particularly beautiful park in Pennsylvania the last time we were up visiting Brian's parents (Caledonia State Park). Joey had lots of fun on their playground.
What is it about boys and steering wheels?

Down slide number 1 . . . it was slightly faster than Joey anticipated.
Now for slide #2 . . . he wanted Grandpa up there with him, even though he refused any and all help.
Slide 2 done, now lets get back up for #3
Slide #3 was very slow . . . so slow in fact, I was able to take multiple pictures of him coming down. He actually had to use his feet to propel himself down the slide.
And just when you thought you were done with slides, MORE SLIDES!
Yes, our son loves slides! On the other side of the playset were more slides. He didn't like these quite as much, though.

The other nice part of Caledonia is the creek. Joey loved this creek when we went up in July. However, it was considerably colder this time around. Too cold for even our little fish.

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